COVID-19 Areas of Impact

March 13, 2020 2 Comments

COVID-19 Areas of Impact

Liberated Specialty Foods has always implemented very high standards with regard to health and safety. With the growing concern about COVID-19, I wanted to share our normal routines and our high standards as well as additional steps we are taking to further prevent the spread of coronavirus and mitigating its impact on business.

In addition to extra precautions we are taking internally, there will also be impacts from 3rd party companies we contract with. We encourage you to stay informed on service updates regarding order processing and shipping as this is a dynamic situation and want to keep all parties informed. Thank you for your adaptability and understanding as we all endure these changes.

If you have ANY questions please email us or call--we're here to help!

3rd Party Impacts


Shipping delays impact everyone. We want our foods to arrive to you on-time and delicious as ever. In order to effectively manage carrier delays we've had to implement changes to our shipping services to allow our customers to make the best shipping choice available for varying service areas. Liberated contracts shipping to UPS and USPS for all packages. To stay informed, please reference this carrier update guide for all carrier notices as it relates to service updates and/or restrictions worldwide. Please note that Liberated will not be responsible for the loss or damage to product due to carrier shipping delays.


Effective March 26th, 2020, UPS will no longer be able to guarantee time and transit delivery. This will remain in effect until further notice. Damage and theft coverage will remain in place. If you purchase any time transit guaranteed shipping option (ex. UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air), you can expect extended delivery times to some locations. Currently, UPS is experiencing an increase in demand for air cargo capacity, which may impact the on time delivery of time sensitive goods. In addition, businesses are adjusting to the COVID-19 situation by limiting on site operations which reduces UPS ability to deliver packages and often results in packages be held or rerouted. Refunds, credit or replacement due to time and transit delays will not be issued as these services are non-refundable and not guaranteed until further notice from the carrier.


Effective April 17, 2020 the United States Postal Service released updated transit time information impacting customers who use Priority Mail and First Class Mail services. Priority Mail’s 2-3 Day service commitments now will be extended to 3-4 days respectively. For full details, please visit the USPS websiteRefunds, credit or replacement due to extended delivery windows will not be issued as these services are non-refundable and not guaranteed until further notice from the carrier.

We realize these last several weeks have been difficult both emotionally and financially for our customers. In an effort to help, Liberated will complementary cover upgraded shipping costs to carriers that can deliver perishable packages to customers located throughout the US within 3 days. We have updated shipping options at checkout to lessen the confusion and provide shipping options that allow you to make an informed decision. We hope this helps in small and big ways. 

Please refer to USPS updated delivery map to see how this impacts you.

Increased shipping times will remain in effect until further notice.

Health and Safety


Hand Washing: Liberated employees regularly wash their hands throughout the shift. Bakers also use one-time use gloves while handling all food products. All employees are well-trained and hold certification for safe food handling. Hand washing is carried out multiple times during one's shift. Some examples of how often we wash our hands can be visualized here: Start of shift, after their break, after using the restroom or handling garbage, before and after changing tasks, cleaning and more. In short, we go through a lot of soap around here!


Cleanliness: All employees follow Good Manufacturing Practices established by the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services,  21 Code of Federal Regulations 117. Liberated requires all bakers wear hairnets, one-time use gloves and company-issued and laundered chef coats.


Preventative Measures: Liberated maintains an active Food Safety Defense Plan 24/7. We manage records for sourcing, transportation, storage and production to trace each and every ingredient that goes into our products--it's total transparency.  When it's time to bake, all surfaces are prepared for processing using a 3-step wash, rinse, sanitize method. This practice is completed to prevent cross-contact (allergen) and contamination (pathogens).


Employee Health: In addition, Federal guidelines, Liberated also institutes an Employee Illness Policy requiring our employees to report all illnesses that meet specific criteria. This 3-Step Decision Tree quickly identifies whether or not an employee can report to work. With special concern for Pandemic events (COVID-19), we are requiring that any employee who isn't feeling well stay home and follow the CDC recommended actions. We now require the use of cloth face masks for all shifts and job functions.  


We will continue to monitor the situation but want everyone to know that we are OPEN for you to purchase the foods you need for your diet. Our foods will be delivered right to your door with all the safety and love we pour into all our products.


Thanks so much for your support during this time.


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May 19, 2020

I appreciate you all so much!! I did since day one when you were nourish! Stacy you are a rockstar and I’m sure everyone You surround yourself with is also so stay strong stay healthy and will get through this together. And have even more gratitude for our freedom and our family and friends much love Meg

Cheryl Lutz
Cheryl Lutz

March 27, 2020

Thank you all ❤ and 🙏 God Bless !

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