Pure 7 Chocolate Bar, Coconut (2oz/62g)

We've scoured the planet and finally found one chocolate bar we thoroughly stand behind. Pure 7 Chocolatiers, Julie and Carrie have managed to unlock the secret and make the most gently sweetened chocolate bar we've ever tasted. Available in several fabulous flavors: 100% pure, 80% pure, Salted Almond, Coconut, and Peppermint.

NOT SCD legal (due to chocolate, but honest to goodness Paleo certified)!

75% Cacao: Organic Cacao Liquor, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Honey, Organic Unsulfured Coconut, Himalayan Pink Salt

Contains: Coconut

*Infants under 1 year of age should not consume honey found in this product.

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